A highly motivated individual who will be responsible for performing a variety of unskilled and semi-skilled weatherization improvements on residential single-family and multi-family structures.



Email application to Include resume, cover letter, and application.


  • Ability to learn quickly and follow technical and procedural specifications
  • Maintain focus and hard work in a challenging environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Must be a team player, self-motivated, drug free, and have a valid driver’s license


  • Back and Upper Body (lifting) – Frequently lift from floor to waist with one hand 20-40 lb. power tools, equipment, and supplies. Occasionally lift and carry from vehicle to house or up/down a flight of stairs a 50 lb. blower door (large fan – diagnostic tool for measuring air leaks in buildings) with one or two hands. Frequent lifting of 25-35 lb. bags of insulation from floor to shoulder height.
  • Hands/Arms – Occasional caulking one to two hours per day using hands and arms – sometimes above the head. Frequent twisting motion using hands and arms when installing 30 or more light bulbs.
  • Body Movement – Frequent bending, stooping, crawling and creeping in crawl spaces and attics with 12″ to 24″ clearances, and working from ladders on heights from 4-10 feet. Occasionally work with hands and arms reaching overhead measuring or applying weatherization materials.
  • Respirator Use – Must be medically cleared to wear a respirator. Respirators are required to be used when working in attics, basements, and other areas where workers are exposed to particulates in the air.